Dear Friends, Colleagues, first time and returning Visitors,

Welcome to my website. Over the past several years, so many of my friends have been encouraging me to set up a site like this so that they can learn more about and have access to my music. Well, that time is here. Thanks to the tireless efforts and web mastering wizardry of Ande Rapp, this idea has finally become a reality.

Through this site you will be given access to many of my works which are already being played around the world as well as those which are in production. A continuous growing catalogue of works ranging from solo instrument pieces to large scale compositions for wind ensemble and orchestra, both secular and sacred, will be made available for you to peruse, listen to and (if the spirit moves), to order.
We also will be including pictures, a message board and announcements of upcoming premieres and concerts. Various links will also guide you to reviews, recording companies and publishers. And who knows what other cool stuff might arise in the future.
While I have been blessed to have a very excellent academic training in composition, this is essentially music from the heart . While I understand and appreciate most every form of Western music, lovers of strict serialism, abstract music, aleatory, minimalism and other forms of experimental music probably won't find much comfort here. However, those who find inexpressible joy from the counterpoint of Bach, the clarity of Mozart, the emotion of Beethoven, the tonal shifting and lyricism of Schubert, the sweeping gestures of Tchaikovsky, the cinematic grandeur of Wagner, the orchestral tapestry of Respighi and Ravel, the quietude of Debussy, the aggression of Prokofiev will indeed find a home. These are top among my many musical idols and I cherish their music and devour their scores whenever possible. As one of my composition profs used to comment in defense of his refusal to write more modern music, “C Major still has a lot to say”.
So again, welcome, I'm glad you are here. Enjoy your stay and come back again soon! If the music presented on this website or in the concert hall can make a positive difference in just one person's life, then I am pleased and this was all worth the effort.